Varsity College Winter Fair

By Carol Birrell

Tina Nenadic and the Ray White team had a day to remember at the Varsity College Winter Fair. New friendships, smiles and memories are just a few points that came out of a great day. The Newly introduced Ray White school partnership program provided Tina and her team the opportunity to act as a key sponsor and work alongside  Varsity College at their winter fair. Tina and the team set up there marque early Saturday morning hoping to find their winners of the awesome prizes that where up for grabs.

There were two free competitions on the day, giving entries the opportunity to win firstly a $100 Gold Class movie voucher which was one by guessing how many jelly beans where in the gar, and the second prize that was up for grabs being a brand new IPad Mini!     We are excited to say that this day was a huge success! Tina and her team look forward to their ongoing partnership with Varsity College.

Winner of Our IPad Mini… Shaylyn Vella

Jelly Bean & Movie Voucher Winner, Tiana Brown

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