Property Management

Ray White Real Estate began in 1902 Crows Nest Queensland and has gone from strength to strength, with today’s network spanning five countries and consisting of more than 600 individual owned and operated businesses. We enjoy a large market share of the rental market across the group and Ray White helps tens of thousands of tenants move every year. Ray White Real Estate has developed the largest independent Internet site in Australasia displaying the details of more than 30,000 properties for sale and rent. We were appointed Official Manager of the Residential Accommodation Program for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Clearly this indicates that we are leaders in the area on property management. When you choose Ray White Real Estate, you are choosing over 100 years of experience and a name you can trust.


The Acts that govern The Residential Tenancies Act, Retail Tenancies and Commercial Property, are complex and require constant ongoing updates. It places immense responsibility on whoever manages the rental property to comply with these guidelines.

Failure to do so can attract harsh penalties to either the owner (you) or the owner’s nominated managing agent (us). Agents involved in property management must possess a thorough working knowledge and understanding of the Acts required for management as well as other Acts of Parliament.

Our staff are always thoroughly informed and fully trained in all aspects of the relevant legislation to provide peace of mind to you – the owner. Ray White Real Estate gives you our assurance that we will be acting in your best interest – legally, ethically and financially, at all times.

It is important to note that once appointed as your agent, we are required to collect personal information to perform our obligation under the Management Agreement. We may also use this information collected to promote the services of the agent and/or to seek potential clients

As an agent, we will only disclose information in this way to other parties as required to perform our duties under our Management Agreement.

Prospective Tenants

Rental List
Once your property is listed for rent, it is placed on our rent list. Our rent list provides full colour photos with a full description of your property. A list can be obtained by prospective tenants from our Ray White Robina Office.  Click here to view our current rentals.

For Rent signs
At your request, a for rent sign can be placed on the front of your property. This is a great bonus for people driving around the area to see what is available for rent.

As well as the advertising mentioned above, we place your property on the following internet sites:-

A majority of enquires come from the internet as people can view your property any time of the day or night.

We also keep an updated database of prospective tenants. Once we list your property, we cross reference their needs and contact them if we think the property may be suitable for them.

Selecting the Right Tenant

The most important aspect of Property Management is selection of a suitable tenant. Our office profile assisted by regular advertising ensures we maintain good levels of enquiry and are able to obtain the best tenant possible for your property.

The landlord’s requirements are given first consideration and careful selection of a tenant is imperative, financial and personal and rental background confirmed before approval is given.

At Ray White Robina, we will not compromise our reputation of providing our clients with the most suitable tenants to lease their properties.

Our philosophy is to always be critically selective with tenants because our aim is for you to have a worry free tenancy.
Our detailed screening process aims to establish that tenants can meet the responsibilities of their Agreement. Tenant selection is in accordance with laws covering discrimination, residential tenancies and privacy act.

As a member of the Tenancy Information Centre Australia, we source up to date prospective tenant’s previous rental records. The centre has proven invaluable in cases where a tenant has chosen not to include the correct information on their application.

This is just another service we provide to protect your property.

Throughout the Tenancy

Prior to each tenant’s occupancy, a condition report is prepared, that thoroughly details all aspects of the property, including an inventory if applicable.

Routine inspections of your property are made regularly depending on your needs and legislative requirements.

Following each routine inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report on the overall condition of the property with colour digital photos.

The purpose of the inspections are two-fold:
Firstly to bring to your attention any immediate maintenance needs and secondly, to inform you of any preventative maintenance or refurbishment that may be beneficial. Owners can then forecast and budget accordingly, for any upgrading work suggested in the report.

Neglect of minor repairs can often lead to major expenditure and the loss of a good tenant. Our attention to maintenance will ensure that problems are resolved quickly, by qualified tradespeople and at a reasonable price with a limit determined by you.
When tenants vacate the property we carry out a final inspection ensuring that they leave it in an acceptable condition. Bonds will not be released until all parties are satisfied.

Types of Maintenance

There are three types of maintenance that landlords will be required to attend to in the course of our business relationship.
These are:

  • Urgent repairs
  • Routine repairs
  • General upgrading and refurbishment

The first two are covered by the Residential Tenancies Act Section 123A & 123B. The definition of “Urgent Repairs” are listed below and these are necessary to be fixed.

  • a burst water service;
  • a blocked or broken lavatory system;
  • a serious roof leak;
  • a gas leak;
  • a dangerous electrical fault;
  • flooding or serious flood damage;
  • serious storm, fire or impact damage;
  • a failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to premises;
  • a failure or breakdown of an essential service or appliance on premises for hot water, cooking or heating;
  • a fault or damage that makes premises unsafe or insecure;
  • a fault or damage likely to injure a person, damage property or unduly inconvenience a resident of premises;
  • a serious fault in a staircase, lift or other common area of premises that unduly inconveniences a resident in gaining access to, or using, the premises.

“Routine Repairs”, are all other reasonable repairs.
The third type of maintenance is in the interest of the landlord to keep the property from looking tired. Maintenance covered in this includes such things as painting, carpet replacement and the provision of curtains and blinds, and any other changes the landlord my wish to do to further enhance the property.

Payments and Statements

Each month, we forward you an itemised statement showing all rental income and payments made on your behalf.

Monthly statements will have originals of invoices attached. These statements should be kept in a safe place so that they can be provided to your accountant at the end of the financial year.

We strongly recommend that all landlords are covered by Landlord Insurance, this enables your investment to be totally secured.

Council rates, body corporate levies and landlord protection insurance premiums are just some of the accounts that can be paid on your behalf from received rental monies. If you would like this service, please indicate when signing the PAMD20a.
We also encourage and educate the tenants to pay the full rental amount when due, to ensure that your investment is working for you.

However, should tenants fall into arrears, we know about it the same day, because of our daily arrears management routine.

Prompt action follows in accordance with the Act, with the property managers keeping you informed throughout the process.

Rent Reviews

Our property managers constantly monitor the rental pricing market and review the rental prior to the expiration of renewal of an Agreement.

This allows us to apply increases in line with the current market ensuring that the yield from your property does not fall behind its potential.

We want to ensure that you achieve the highest return possible on your property investment.

Our staff will contact you on these occasions to present the options available and make a recommendation that is best for you and your property.

Commercial properties can be reviewed by either CPI (Consumer Price Index), Percentage increase or a Market Review. These are applied according to the act at the time of preparing the lease. A market review is often applied when the tenant is taking up an option at their option period.

Management Fees

Every property is different and we can tailor a management package specifically to suit your requirements.
We can offer packages for both Residential and Commercial management and leasing.

It is important to note that our fees are in accordance with the Schedule of Fees set out by our Industry’s Legisaltive Body.

If an agency is offering a discounted fee you can be sure they will also be offering a discounted service. If they disount on fees, they may discount on the rent when negotiating with tenants!

Our competitive fees are based on the number and type of property management service you need us to provide and what we can do for you personally.

We look forward to having the opportunity to discuss your personal needs and the range of our services.


In Conclusion

This Property Management Proposal is not intended to be exhaustive with regard to all of the property management services offered by Ray White Real Estate.

However, it is intended to give you sufficient information to emphasise the importance of having your property comprehensively managed on a full time basis by qualified, competent staff.

Our close-knit team works in harmony, to ensure the needs of all those we come into contact with are fully met and exceeded.

Individually and collectively, this is a specialised team focussed totally on ensuring that your investment is working for you.

As a tenant/owner you are able to login direct to your portal by clicking the below link